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Are You Fully Aware of VAT Implementation In
If Your Answer Is No,
You Are Not Alone. !!!
Attend Free Seminars on
VAT fundamentals!
Hear about VAT from our tax experts.
Understand how FactsERP handles VAT.
Our Software Solution is 100% VAT ready
Our Global direct access to Certified Accountants and
Legal Advisers will help us to ensure compliance &
process integrity
Market leader in customized solutions to meet with the
organization requirements in business process
Dedicated VAT support team in place to rollout of VAT
update to all our customers.
“We also have attractive offers for the replacements of your existing
Business Management Solution that is probably a bottleneck
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How to increase your understanding and awareness about VAT in UAE?
By attending training sessions/appointing a consultant/company to train and assist in VAT
Why Facts?
Facts has vast expertise to guide you thru VAT implementation by using our Software solution.
We provide you free consultancy/ education without any commitments from your side.
We are in the UAE market for 15+ years with more than 500 companies using our solution
across GCC. Our experienced specialists have decades of industry knowledge by working in
India and Western countries where complex taxation process already exists.
Our team consists of 55 staff members with vast Technical and Functional expertise in
Accounting and Taxation along with Solution will assure you that your journey will be a
smooth one.
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