Engineering Software Solution

FACTS Engineering Software improves quality, reduces risk and cuts costs for clients in a wide range of industries including, construction, manufacturing, transport and trading applications. Since 2002, FACTS Computer Software Solutions has established a reputation as a leading supplier of high quality software that solves business problems. We identify the structure of the problem to build the solution. We review the process with the client to identify what they have now, where they want to get to and identify barriers. This problem-solving method provides our clients better quality, reduced risk and lower costs.
Project Administration
FACTS Engineering Solution allows companies to manage multiple construction projects in a single database. Each project can be configured to address its own unique needs, while the duplicating of some project information - for example, an item workflow - across projects to speed set-up is also possible. Project team members have access to its functionality and databased on their role in the project as defined.
Project Items
Frequently, as a project progresses, design changes are identified that can potentially affect the success or failure of an engineered system’s implementation. FACTS log file and Action Items are logged to track isolated issues and ensure their resolution. Request for information (RFI) are issued to resolve outstanding questions, and project documents are generated throughout the life of the project. It provides users with the means to identify, manage, and track all these project items. Project items are tracked through user-defined workflows. Statuses in each workflow are used to represent the different stages of the approval process from initiation to the ultimate rejection or approval and subsequent completion.
FACTS Log file
The Facts Log File tracks items associated with the project. They consist of a brief explanation of the modifications required, the initiator with area and item of equipment involved. Each item list is also classified according to a user-defined types and categories. Types drive the workflow used to process the item, while categories allow users to group items by user-defined criteria.
Facts Reports
PIMS provides users with a powerful means of tracking project items and project progress with Reports. Standard report templates are provided that can be customized as necessary to produce user-specific filters and sorts. Each of these reports can then be scheduled to run as needed - daily, weekly, or monthly - and delivered as a PDF to the user's email address on that schedule.


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