Import & Export Documentation Software

"Whether you are an individual/intender, a small business, a multi-national corporation depending on Import or Export". And the cost of processing the trade documents can be as much as a tedious job. For this we might have to frequently refer-back to the letter of credit (LC) or any other source document. This is really time consuming and involves a lot of risk associated to errors / omissions.

Our Software Solution
  • Helps to reduce your data inputting time using logically designed data entry forms.
  • Avoids repetitive cut and paste methods to productively utilize your valuable time.
  • Reduces inefficient and monotonous laymen job,
  • To have permanent access to all your documents from archive.
  • Simple and complete high performance IT solution Guaranteed
  • Rapid return on investment,
  • Exports data accurately to various required report layouts
  • Utilizing existing resources – no extra hardware/ system software
  • Cost central repository of complete documents for access from any system in the network (Multi user).
  • Technical advice for accessing these documents from remote location using internet.
  • Direct emailing facility in word /excel format
  • Customizable by adding new report / layouts.
  • Provides a complete document workflow system to the organization covering all stages of the document preparation process.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Works in latest version of Microsoft office, Windows XP / Windows Vista
  • Works on most of the types of Printers
  • No hidden cost.
  • Additional customization possible based on specific requirement.


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