Internet Explorer zero day exploit may have targeted nuclear workers
  • Late last month, security scientists discovered that Microsoft’s internet explorer 8 was been subjugated. The invader would remotely send malicious executable codes on a targeted computers.
  • The database the web site had links to was used by an earlier Energy department employee that had been employed with the nuclear weapons.
  • The suspected hacker could have been compromising the government department in order to gain access to another web site or database content.
  • They also noticed that DoL looked like they have been redirecting users to another website that installed a version of Trojan on the targeted victim’s computer.
  • Until Microsoft issues a patch for this vulnerability, it would be recommended to use another browser for the time being.
  • Microsoft issued a security advisory for internet explorer 8 and accepted the exploitation. They also mentioned that the versions 6 / 7 / 9 and 10 are however not affected.
  • And such malicious code designed to take advantage of the targeted computer was discovered on a United States Labor department website.
  • The weakness exited due to the way the IE8 access an object in the memory had been deleted or has not been properly allocated.
  • This weakness could allow the invader to execute codes and may also corrupt the memory.