Microsoft cuts the price of its Surface Pro tablet price by $100

Microsoft had slashed the price of its Surface Pro Tablet discounting its prices in the first week of August, 2013. The company offered $100/- price slash on the intel-powered tablet with the full version of Windows 8. This offer on Surface Pro was available till August 29, 2013 at all Microsoft Stores. It covered only the 64 GB and 128 GB versions of the touch tablet. The 256 GB variant was also available online from a number of Microsoft resellers. The 64 GB surface pro was available for $800 and 128 GB had the price of $900. Microsoft had announced an earnings of $863 million during this 2013 fiscal year till July, but the targeted earnings was $900 million.

Traditional desktop apps can run on this Surface Pro and this ultrabook is built on a tablet form factor. With a type cover and a wireless mouse you can have a portable PC which can run anything you want to play or work on. The compatibility of this ultrabook makes it outsell its products. According to market research firm IDC, between January to March this year, Microsoft shipped 900,000 Surface tablets in total, out of which 700,000 were Surface Pro.

There are expectation for Microsoft to introduce new models of its Surface models this fall along with the Windows 8.1 release. Also Surface RT is expected to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip by end of this year. Surface Pro would change its Ivy Bridge Core chips to an efficient Haswell Core processor. And this upgrading to Haswell would improve the battery life of the Surface Pro.