PDA Software Solution

Our PDA software solution is available to wholesalers, distributors, department / retail stores and others who needs constant information with real time data. Accurate capture of records/ data is possible directly by the sales force. Management can have a look at the availability of actual stock. Re-order level can also be set with reminders / pop up messages to replenish the stock. Your sales and delivery work force needs to provide customers on real time basis and effective immediate closure of sale is possible due to the real time availability of data.

The world has become completely mobile. With FACTS PDA Software Solution, you take the competitive edge over your competitors by the below key benefiting factors:
  • Increasing the efficiency of your mobile work force team.
  • Instant (on real time) availability of Data/order across the company and all its work force from different locations and geographies.
  • Creation of request by sales force.
  • Role based action possible for all orders/requests.
  • Assign of request to a team / user in the company for further action.
  • Adding / Edition of requests is possible
  • Resolving / escalation of request are possible.
  • Role based access for removing any order/request from the system is possible.
  • Dashboards / reports are available. Example.
    a) Overdue request,
    b) Order / requests to-be-delivered today.
    c) Pending request under salesman can be generated.
    d) And more...
  • Increased worker productivity – with the mobile device, the sales force can respond to the customer queries/orders quickly and effectively.
  • Sales work force can spend more time on the field which is good for the business.
  • The work force becomes more productive maximizing the supply chain cycle.
  • This helps indirectly in transforming the consumer experience, customer support and earns loyalty and trust from the customers.
  • Stream-line data collection: stream line your business with lower operational costs and improved margins.
  • Total track of inventory accurately and efficiently every singly stage of business cycle.
  • Paper based transactions are completely reduced by the use of FACTS PDA Software Solution.
  • Improved data accuracy – data collection errors can be avoided due to the on-time availability of the rugged and easy-to-use PDA devise.
  • Optimized whole sale operation with speedy transmition of orders/data to the sale force and management for quick decisions. This helps to understand the customer better by having a history of their past dealing/orders with the company.