PDA Software Solution

Our PDA software solution is available to wholesalers, distributors, department / retail stores and others who need constant information with real-time data. Accurate capture of records/ data is possible directly by the sales force. Management can have a look at the availability of actual stock. Re-order level can also be set with reminders / pop up messages to replenish the stock. The sales and delivery work force needs to provide customers on real-time basis and effective immediate closure of sale is possible due to the real-time availability of data.

The world has become completely mobile. With FACTS PDA Software Solution, companies can have a competitive edge over their competitors by the following key benefiting factors:
  • Increasing the efficiency of the mobile work force team.
  • Instant (on real-time) availability of data/order across the company and all its work force from different locations and geographies.
  • Creation of request by sales force.
  • Role based action possible for all orders/requests.
  • Assign of request to a team / user in the company for further action.
  • Adding / Edition of requests.
  • Resolving / escalation of request.
  • Role based access for removing any order/request from the system.
  • Dashboards / reports are available. Example:
    a) Overdue request,
    b) Order / requests to-be-delivered today.
    c) Pending request under salesman can be generated.
    d) And more...
  • Increased worker productivity
  • The work force becomes more productive maximizing the supply chain cycle.
  • Stream-line data collection: stream line the business with lower operational costs and improved margins.
  • Total track of inventory accurately and efficiently every singly stage of business cycle.
  • Paper based transactions are eliminated by using FACTS PDA Software Solution.
  • Improved data accuracy –
  • Optimized whole sale operation with speedy transmission of orders/data to the sale force and management for quick decisions.


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