Case Study of STAHL CraneSystems

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STAHL CraneSystems a German based company, supplies the most comprehensive range of products for lifting technology in the world. They have been around for over 130 years. With their high-performing development team and countless pioneering inventions, they have succeeded in decisively influencing the technological progress within the industry. Our well-conceived standard product range, further advanced into sophisticated special-purpose solutions and explosion-protected hoists, has enabled them to achieve our worldwide success. Chain hoists, wire rope hoists, winches, drive and control technology as well as condition monitoring systems; their well-engineered products are premium class – both technically and economically.

Problems faced by STAHL CraneSystems

Enquiry for a particular crane, they have to do a lot of calculations and select a lot of parts based on the user inputs to make a quotation. Using Microsoft excel was being used for their analysis which had their limitations which include not being able to share the work sheets, changes made by one person does not get updated in a centralized way so that others can see the changes. They have a huge prize list of spare parts through which they have to manually search through and it consumed a lot of time. And was always prone to manual errors. In addition to this they also have to submit the autocad drawing of the crane which was taking lot of time to generate.

Solution provided by facts

FACTS developed a software solution called Crane Configurator which is using a centralized database. Once the user inputs the required specifications, the software will select all the component required and generate a quotation. Also the autocad in integrated to Crane Configurator Application which automatically generates the autocad drawing.

Crane Configurator - Crane Estimation Software is a simple way to showcase the various types of cranes. We help our customers to increase their productivity by developing customized software applications. These customized applications automate the repetitive estimation/design process, thus saving lot of estimation engineer’s time and money to the organization. Our applications also make the estimations free from errors and maintain consistency. We have extensive experience in mechanical, civil, electrical domains and combine expertise in Software development technologies like .NET (C# / ASP ), Databases like MS Sql Server and CAD which helps us to deliver valuable solutions at much faster rate.

Crane Configurator Crane Configurator is unique and very user friendly software specially developed for Single Girder, Double Girder and Manual Cranes and its various classes. The software considerably reduces your Enquiry to quote time. The user needs to enter the basic information of crane to be estimated through the user friendly interface. Basic input information includes Zone, Capacity, Travel length, Span, Speed, Control types etc. Even though all the standard tables and clauses are already incorporated into the database, we customize the database to support the products of a particular brand/company. With the data from database and based on given user inputs, the software performs the estimation/design calculations and generates detailed estimation/quote within minutes. Crane Configurator can also generate AutoCAD drawings for estimated crane based on the pre-defined templates.

Key Features
  • User friendly interface, considerably reduces your Enquiry to Quote time
  • Supports different Zones like Safe Area, Zone1, Zone2
  • Support wide range of cranes like Single Girder Top Running, Single Girder Under Hung, Double Girder, Manual cranes, Portal Cranes, Jib cranes and more
  • Automatic selection of Hoist based on the inputs
  • Automatic selection of End Carriage and Drive
  • Automatic/Manual selection of Girder
  • Power line selection and calculations
  • Supports multi-currency quote
  • Calculate profit percentage
  • Support local fabrication inputs and calculations
  • Highly customizable, supports Special feature entries
  • Option for periodic price updating
  • Developed in latest platform, .Net technologies and MS Sql Server

  • Detailed estimation/Quote print
  • Technical Specification Sheet of each equipment
  • Cost Sheet and Data Sheet
  • Complete PO generation
  • AutoCAD Drawings

End Results
  • Detailed estimation/Quote print
  • Technical Specification Sheet of each equipment
  • Cost Sheet and Data Sheet
  • Complete PO generation
  • AutoCAD Drawings


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