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Windows Blue from Microsoft
  • Julie Larson Green from Microsoft confirmed about the Windows next mile stone "Blue". A preview of this Windows Blue will be available for the public from 26th June to 28th June at the Build, 'Microsoft's Annual conference' and the final release of Windows 8.1 would be this year end.
  • From the blog post from Tami Reller (Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer), it is clear that the code name refers to the immediate major update to Windows 8. And Microsoft's aim is to get the OS run on a vast range of devices. The form factor improvements will be around the battery life, display, size and performance on tablets. Therefore, Reller’s main points was relating to improvements from the customer's feedback.
  • Reller in his interview also mentioned about Windows 8 apps, the sales of which has grown six folds since the OS launch. He also mentioned about crossing 100 million licenses sold. And this also includes the licenses of the new tablet or the personal computers and also up-gradation to Windows 8. He agrees that PC’s are increasingly mobile and very much alive now.
  • Apart from addressing customer’s feedback, it is not clear about the changes/differences included in Windows Blue. She was not clear regarding the returning to the Start Button and a booting straight to desktop option.
More news is expected the next couple of weeks regarding the packaging, pricing and the go to market details.