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Chandni Mehta

FACTS ERP Internship Day 47

Tasks done:
– Added 10 backlinks for Dynamics Axis (Updated in Google Sheets)
– Continued learning react.js and working on the frontend of the document management system side-by side

What I’ve Learned/Implemented:
– Nested objects do not exist in react. It is read as different objects with the parent obj pointing the ‘nested object’. Modifying the value of a parameter of the ‘nested object’ changes its value in all the objects pointing to it.
– If the state is too deeply nested then updating a parameter’s value would require creating copies of every structure, instead we could either flatten the structure or use the Immer library.
– The Immer library handles the producing of copies and allows the user to simply mutate the structures.
– Arrays in react are mutable but should be treated as immutable when stores in a state. To update it we should create a copy and set state to use the new array.

Tasks to Do:
– Add more backlinks for Dynamics Axis