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Chandni Mehta

FACTS ERP Internship Day 48

Tasks done:
– Added 10 backlinks for Dynamics Axis (Updated in Google Sheets)
– Continued learning react.js and working on the frontend of the document management system side-by side

What I’ve Learned/Implemented:
– Arrays in react are mutable but should be treated as immutable when stores in a state. To update it we should create a copy and set state to use the new array.
– Even if we create a copy of an array, we can’t mutate the existing item inside of it directly. The new array will contain the same items as the original one so modifying an object inside the copied array will also mutate the existing state. This happens since each element of the arrays still points to the same object.
– For effectively coding in react we must write the UI declaratively instead of imperatively.

Tasks to Do:
– Add more backlinks for Dynamics Axis