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Varsha Kalavagunta

FACTS ERP Internship Day #16

Date: 7 July 2023
Name: Varshita Kalavagunta

Tasks Done:
• Created few backlinks for FACTS ERP.
• Worked on to create an eCommerce website using MAMP server.
• Made a home page and category page.

What I’ve learned/implemented:
• Exploring the administration panel and learning how to manage products, categories, manufacturers, and customer reviews. Understanding how to add, edit, and delete products and categories, set prices and discounts, and manage inventory.
• Understanding how to process and manage orders in OpenCart.
• Learning how to view and update order status, manage customer accounts, handle returns and refunds, and generate reports for sales analysis.
Tasks to do:
• Have to complete the website created by adding cart and checkout page.