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Suhail Mohammed

Internship Report – Mohammed Suhail
Internship Day 17 – 10/07/2023

Tasks Assigned: Designing a Webpage using HTML, CSS, and Brackets

Task Implemented:
• Started working on designing a webpage using HTML, CSS, and the Brackets text editor. The following steps were taken to accomplish this task:
• Created a dedicated folder on my computer for organizing the webpage files.
• Installed and launched the Brackets text editor to provide a suitable working environment for web development.
• included the declaration, , , and tags.
• Used various html elements for headers, paragraphs, images and other relevant elements
• Implemented properties such as color, font-size, background-color, margin, padding, etc., to customize the appearance and layout of the webpage.
• Opened the HTML file in a web browser to preview the webpage and evaluate its visual presentation.