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Chandni Mehta

FACTS ERP Internship Day 37

Tasks done:
– Added backlinks for Dynamics Axis (Updated in Google Sheets)
– Added authorization for the document management system

What I’ve Learned /Implemented:
– JWT (JSON web tokens) is a form of user identification assigned after user authentication takes place
– Assigned an Access Token and Refresh Token for authorization
– Access Tokens: are sent and received via JSON, should be stored in memory, shouldn’t be stored as local storage/cookies
– Refresh Tokens: are sent as httpOnly cookies (can’t be available to JS), must have an expiry
– Process used to assign tokens:
1. Issued at authorization
2. Used for API access until it expires
3. Verified by Middleware
4. New token is issued at refresh request

Tasks to do:
– Add more backlinks for Dynamics Axis
– Debug the authorization feature