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Akash S

FACTS ERP Internship Report – Day 9
Date: – 16/06/2023
Name: – Akash S 

Tasks done:
– I made a presentation for a seminar about Social Engineering as part of my internship. It was a PowerPoint presentation.
– I created new content for a case study and updated it on our website.
– I redesigned the layout of the blog posts on our company website.

What I’ve learned:
– I learned how to use WordPress Admin Console, which is a tool for managing website content. I learned how to create and edit posts, manage plugins, and customize the website.
– I learned how to create components and prototypes in Figma, a design tool, for the website redesign project. I learned how to create wireframes, design user interfaces, and prototype website layouts.
– I also got to explore Framer CMS, a content management system with advanced artificial intelligence features for website design and development.

Thank you for your support and guidance throughout my internship.