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Chandni Mehta

FACTS ERP Internship Day 41

Tasks done:
– Continued learning react.js and working on the frontend of the document management system side-by side
– Added backlinks for Dynamics Axis (Updated in Google Sheets)

What I’ve Learned/ Implemented:
– To share data between different react components we need to move the state upwards to the closest common component
– “Props” in react are a way to pass data from a parent component to its child components. Props are used to make components reusable and enable communication between components.
– All JSX content must always be enclosed in a parent section or div. JSX works by converting everything to JS objects and since we can only return one thing at a time it must all be enclosed in one

– Props are immutable but not static, its value can be updated but only by using ‘useState’

Tasks to Do:
– Add more backlinks for Dynamics Axis