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Mohammed Suhail

Mohammed Suhail
Internship Day-22
Date: 17/07/2023
Tasks Implemented:
• Developed a facial recognition application using Python, pip, pipenv, OpenCV and dlib
• Researched and explored the concepts and techniques involved in building a face recognition application.
• Studied tutorials, documentation, and online resources to gain a comprehensive understanding of face recognition principles and algorithms.
• I successfully developed a facial recognition application using Python, pip, pipenv, and OpenCV. The app utilizes computer vision techniques to detect and recognize faces in images or video streams. Extensive research and hands-on experimentation were conducted to understand and implement the necessary components, algorithms, and libraries required for face recognition.
• Implemented the functionality for the app to store user pictures in the known file.
• Upon running the program, if the user’s picture was stored in the known file alongside their name, the application will display the corresponding name.
• For unrecognized faces, the app gracefully handles and displays an appropriate “Unknown” message.