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Chandni Mehta

FACTS ERP Internship Day 26

Tasks done:
– Continued working on face-recognition based attendance app
– Added 7 backlinks for DynamicsAxis website (Updated in Google Sheets)
– Researched for web-app ideas to implement
– Learnt about the various steps involved in creating a web-app with python flask
– Learnt about deploying web-apps to the cloud
– Learnt about contained management platforms (Kubernetes/Docker)

What I’ve learned/implemented:
– Implemented a view records feature which displays the time sheet for the given employee (Face-Recognition based Attendance App)
– The two most common HTTPS Methods are :
1. GET:
-> requests data from a specified resource
-> shouldn’t be used while dealing with sensitive data such as passwords
-> can be bookmarked/cached
-> data is displayed in/sent through URL
2. POST:
-> if back/reload is clicked, data is resubmitted
-> can be used while dealing with sensitive data such as passwords
-> can’t be bookmarked/cached
-> data is not sent through URL
– Virtual Environments:
-> used to create an isolated environment for python projects so each project can have its own dependencies regardless of dependencies of other projects
-> makes it easier to release projects with its own dependent modules
-> makes it easier to create a requirements.txt for the project