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Noella Abraham

FACTS ERP Internship Day 39

Date:- 19th July 2023
Name:- Noella Abraham

Tasks Done:-

– Learned some more basics of Dart programming to continue making the app using Flutter.
– Created 13 more backlinks for Dynamics Axis. [updated in the Google Sheet]

Tasks To Do:-

– Continue learning Dart programming language.
– After learning, continue making the employee task management app using Flutter.
– Post more backlinks for Dynamics Axis.

What have I learned?

– Learned in detail about Text widgets and its parameters like maxLines, style, fontWeight, fontStyle and fontSize.
– RichText = helps in displaying a styled text block which can contain different styles within it. It works with TextSpan blocks.
– I also learned more about two main buttons in the latest flutter version: ElevatedButton, FloatingActionButton and IconButton.
– FloatingActionButton must be used after the body widget, and it gets added at the bottom right corner of the screen.
– Started learning about Container and Padding widgets in Dart Programming.