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Chandni Mehta

FACTS ERP Internship Day 27

Tasks done:
– Published blog on “A Guide to ERP Selection: 5 Important Factors” (Updated in Google Sheets)
– Researched for web-app ideas to implement
– Learnt about the various steps involved in creating a web-app with python flask
– Learnt about deploying web-apps to the cloud

What I’ve learned/implemented:
– We can’t run 2 flask apps at the same time because they use the same port; to run two flask apps simultaneously we must make sure they run on different ports
– To run a flask app there are default names for each file, for example the main file should be named ‘’, all front-end HTML files should be saved in a directory named ‘templates’ and all css/js files and images used should be stored in ‘static’
– PaaS (Platform as a service) is a cloud computing model that allows developers to build, deploy, and manage web apps without being concerned about the underlying infrastructure, operating systems, hardware, and networking components