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Noella Abraham

FACTS ERP Internship Day 25

Date:- 20th June 2023
Name:- Noella Abraham

Tasks Done:-

– Continued learning about Flask.
– Created a blog about ERP systems in metal fabrication companies.
Blog Name:- The Golden Alloy: ERP Software’s Impact on Metal Fabrication Companies
– Researched some web-app ideas to implement.
– Completed all the backlinks provided in the excel sheet for Dynamics Axis and updated them in the google sheet.

Tasks To Do:-

– Continue learning about Flask
– Convert the face recognition project with Kivy and OpenCV into an apk file.
– Create a basic design of how the web-app should look like using Figma.

What have I learnt?

– Learned about Models and Databases in Flask. Models are basically tables in a database in Flask.
– Learned about Flask forms and validation.
– Creating relationship between two tables / models in Flask.

db.relationship(‘modelname’, backref=’owned_user’, lazy=True)

backref=’owned_user’ -> allows to access instances of the current Model / table
lazy=True -> items are fetched from database only when accessed.

– Flask-WTF is an extension for Flask that integrates with WTForms which helps in providing a flexible form validation.