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Noella Abraham

FACTS ERP Internship Day 40

Date:- 20th July 2023
Name:- Noella Abraham

Tasks Done:-

– Learned some more basics of Dart programming to continue making the app using Flutter.
– Created 15 more backlinks for Dynamics Axis. [updated in the Google Sheet]

Tasks To Do:-

– Continue learning Dart programming language.
– After learning, continue making the employee task management app using Flutter.
– Post more backlinks for Dynamics Axis.

What have I learned?

– I learned about an enum called “BoxDecorations” which is responsible for styling a container or setting some constraints to it.
– Learned in detail about Padding widget and its parameters. Unlike container widget which contains a variety of styling parameters, the padding widget is only restricted to padding usage only.
– To add images to the Flutter application we must use the “Image.asset()” widget and you must add the location of the image in the “pubspec.yaml” file for the image to be displayed.
– FrameBuilder is a callback function which allows you to customize the image loading process and apply the animations / effects while the image is being loaded.
– = this must be used if you want to display an image fetched from a URL.
– Learned about “loadingBuilder” and “errorBuilder” in detail.
– Started learning the basics of ListView in Flutter which is a very important and commonly used widget.