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Akash S

FACTS ERP Internship Report

Date: – 15/06/2023
Name: – Akash S

Tasks done:

Today, I accomplished the following tasks:
– Created content for our website: One of the main tasks was to enhance the content on our website. Specifically, I focused on the “Recruitment Module” page, which lacked sufficient information and content. I added key points and relevant details to improve the overall description of the module.
– Modified page design: As part of the website optimization process, I made modifications to the design of several pages. I applied our custom theme to these pages, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing layout throughout the website.
– Worked on a Lead Management System: I initiated the development of a Lead Management System by creating the basic design and writing the initial code.

What I’ve learned:
Throughout the day, I gained valuable knowledge and skills, including:
– Copywriting and content creation: I deepened my understanding of copywriting techniques and practiced creating engaging and informative content.
– Familiarity with Figma and Elementor plugins: I explored new web design tools, such as Figma and Elementor plugins, which helped me improve my design capabilities.

Thank you for your support and guidance throughout my internship.