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Chandni Mehta

FACTS ERP Internship Day 24

Date: – 15th June 2023
Name: – Chandni Mehta

Tasks done:
– Added 10 backlinks for DynamicsAxis website (Updated in Google Sheets)
– Wrote blog on “The 5 Best AI Productivity Tools to use Today” (Updated in Google Sheets)
– Continued working on face-recognition based attendance app

What I’ve learned/implemented:
– Implemented live text display above web stream such as “Blink to Capture Image”, “Looking for Face”, “Image Captured” to improve usability of the app
– Began implementation of a view records feature which displays the time sheet for the given employee

Tasks to do:
– Write blogpost on how ERP helps to manage supply chain ops
– Complete implementation of “View Records” feature of the app
– Do research/learn about Python Flask