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Noella Abraham

FACTS ERP Internship Day 27

Date:- 23rd June 2023
Name:- Noella Abraham

Tasks Done:-

– Created the homepage, about us page and contact us page of an e-sports website using WordPress and Wamp server.

Screenshots of the website has been emailed

– Continued creating a basic design for the project management system app using Figma.

Tasks To Do:-

– Complete the design prototype for the app with Figma and move on to the implementation phase.

What have I learnt?

– You can use Elementor which is a WordPress plugin to create aesthetically pleasing websites without actually coding.
– The Wamp server contains Apache web server, MySQL database, PHP scripting language in one package.
– It is mostly preferable to use Wamp rather than XAMPP as it is more user-friendly, more compatible with Windows and its offers a simple method for configuring the PHP settings compared to XAMPP.