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5 Essential Considerations For Managing Your Company’s Most Valuable Resources


The primary competent factors that affect a business are market trends, customer demand, cash flow, and workforce. The most significant of these is workforce management.  It’s always difficult to manage your personnel data in Excel sheets. When handling crucial information in spreadsheets with government law compliance, such as your employees’ timesheet attendance, payroll, availability, and working hours, mistakes and inaccuracies will occur. If not handled properly, it could lead to concerns about improper workforce management, subpar HR management, and noncompliance with labor laws.

The practical approach to growing your company is to take care of its most important resource, its employees. By doing this, your firm will soar to new heights. Having the perfect tool for managing the workforce and Employee self-service (ESS) portal will improve your employee’s overall experience. When choosing a comprehensive HR management solution, there are a few significant considerations to make.

Employee Portal And The Mobility Factor

Mobile accessibility is a crucial consideration when searching for an HCM solution because it allows employees who have access to a self-service portal to conduct their HR chores while on the go. Employees can access their portal at any time or from anywhere using a mobile application. Employees can use it to request leave, check their leave balance, clock in and out, pick up, and receive shift assignments. It also makes the job of the employees easier and improves their efficiency.

User Interface And User Experience

Not all workers are able to utilize a sophisticated HCM solution, thus those who want to use the ESS portal should be provided with a user-friendly interface that they can use without any hesitations. Complex dashboards can occasionally cause employees to become disoriented instead of completing their tasks. Instead of giving their staff training on the new platform, many businesses will opt for an HCM solution that will simplify their lives with a user-friendly dashboard.

Payroll And Law Compliance

For some businesses, the sheer number of employees might be overwhelming. As a result, the employer calculating salaries on an Excel sheet had to take into account labor law compliance and various wage types, including hourly, daily, contract, and full wage calculations. Therefore, when searching for an HCM solution, the ability to calculate employees’ hours, overtime, and regulatory compliance should be given high consideration.

Time Tracking And Timesheet Management

The phrase “Time is money” is well apt for employees because they are getting compensated for their working hours. Therefore, it is crucial for the employer to keep track of the hours that their employees put in. For time tracking, several companies continue to use older methods like punch cards, spreadsheets, and pen and paper. This will result in unforced mistakes being made while creating the timesheet, processing the incorrect payroll, etc. Therefore, a better time attendance integrated HCM solution, such as a biometric scanner or other digital time tracking tool, may make the process more accurate, transparent, and effective.

Customizations And Integrations

It’s possible that some standard HCM solutions aren’t performing as intended for your business. Considering that your HR procedure is unique and adheres to your company’s policies. So it stands to reason that you are presumably seeking software that can be tailored to match your HR policies. Additionally, the HR software alone won’t be sufficient to manage your business activities; it might need to communicate with your ERP. Therefore, customization and integration options should be available in the ideal HCM solutions.


In conclusion, managing a company’s key resource—its employees—requires an HCM solution. As a result, there are more factors to take into account when choosing the right HCM solution than just the fancy outlook of the software.

FactsHCM stands apart from the competition since it includes all of these features. Extensive customizations, software integrations, WPS compliance, biometrics integrations, ESS portal, and other features are also included.