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FACTS Computer Software House LLC is one of the best ERP Software providers in UAE headquartered in Dubai. Established in the year 2002, this Middle East visionary in UAE has a unique focus to provide comprehensive and integrated VAT-enabled ERP software in the Middle East to facilitate businesses operation enhancement.

We cater to all kinds of businesses like manufacturing, wholesale &  retail, real estate, and service industries with our well-equipped best ERP software in Dubai. Whether you run a small, mid-sized, or large company, we have the best ERP system for you. That’s not all, the software can be customized as per your requirements, ensuring smooth business management.

We have a large customer base in the Corporate, Aviation, Hospitality, Engineering & Construction, and Trading & Retail sectors across the Middle East, Indian subcontinent and the UK. We, at FACTS, follow the latest technologies, methodologies, and innovative ideas to redesign workflows and optimize end-to-end processes. We have a 24/7 support system to manage our internal and customer interactions. 

We offer world-class software VAT-enabled ERP software solutions including HR & Payroll, e-Commerce, Integrated Business Management solutions, and many more customized software solutions along with Software Development and Project Management. FACTS possesses a strong technology-driven team with a well-equipped state-of-the-art development center focusing on customer-oriented results.

With standard & proven best practices aided with specific in-depth industry experience and knowledge, we are always ahead of adopting innovative ways to turn ideas into real products. This innovative approach makes FACTS the best ERP software and HR & Payroll Software Company in Dubai, UAE with 24/7 Customer Services & Support. As a proactive measure, we follow a 360° customer relationship and project satisfaction review.

We partner with our clients to simplify the pain areas in their daily operations and streamline their business processes. This has brought us a huge number of success stories over the past two decades and has placed us among the top ERP software companies in Dubai.



The initiation phase of the project is when we conduct a system study to explore and elaborate more on your requirements. Our goals are to understand all your requirements and provide you with a solution that generates a successful project that will bring you positive results.

Before the development stage, the list of the client’s requirements will be uncovered during the earlier phase and will be used to make a concrete plan. The plan will be created by our team to achieve the project’s best target results.

Each project may involve developing several modules, which remain quite crucial to the success of the project. The functions are incorporated into the ERP system based on the client’s requirements. 

Our team of experienced developers will encode and develop the actual implementation of the project. At the end of the implementation phase, the result is tested and evaluated according to the list of requirements to perfect and finalize the project. 

After testing and development, we will transfer all deliverables to the client. From user interface introduction to  training and implementation, we will be your companion. All future customization is possible through us.

We promote customizable ERP software solutions. Our excellent services come with all-in-one turn-key solutions that help businesses meet their goals, and increase their ROI. 

We have a long-term relationship with our customers bringing them disruptive innovation. 

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We provide customizable and easy-to-use ERP and HR software solutions to companies in the UAE.

ERP must be used when an organization pursues a real-time macro and micro management, and is looking at a bigger picture of managing a large scale business in a fast paced environment. Using ERP, all time-consuming processes will be easier with 100% efficiency. 

ERP will not only improve your business processes but will also increase your ROI, and will help you make effective decisions to manage your business. 

Our ERP services are not only customizable but are ready to use and install to your system. We have a team of experts with extensive experience and expertise who will provide you with all the support you need. 

We are located in Dubai, and our company has been serving the UAE market for over 20 years. 

It is a must-have to include having an ERP system to your business as much as you can on an early stage of your business to start your business right. Having an ERP will elevate your process and will increase the chance of growing your business and becoming successful. 

From planning, developing, installing and training to future development, we are your only point of contact. For more details, connect with us at

Our company believes in lasting relationships with our clients.  We have created our name through word of mouth. FACTS is now 20+ years in the UAE and still growing. Our success is based on the growth that we bring to our loyal and happy customers for over 2 decades. 

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