Accommodation Management

Accommodation Management

Does your company has a large labor(Employee) force such that you are providing accommodations to them in designated zones named ‘Labor Camps’ ? You wish to track and manage the accommodation details of all your employees (Staff & Labor)?

For those who wish to track the accommodation details of their employees, FactsHRMS Accommodation module is the right solution as it is tightly already integrated to the FactsHRMS.

For those manage Labour Camps and Employee Accommodation, the standard relevant questions are…

    • How do we know who (employee) is staying in which City, Building, which Room ?
    • How do we know which accommodations are fully or partly vacant now ?
    • Can we allocate employees to Buildings and Rooms in advance such that there is no conflict at the actual time of moving in ?
    • Can we book the accommodation in advance for Candidates who are going to join the company in coming months ?
    • How do we optimize the usage of employee accommodations such that the cost is minimal ?
    • Can we take into consideration the employee preferences while an accommodation is arranged for the employee ?
    • Is there any way of allocating multiple employees to a specific location / Building ?
    • We need to contact the Camp Boss for a Building on urgent basis


    In case you have a similar question and are not able to find an effective solution, read below to know more about the FactsHRMS Employee Accommodation Module, which can address all your concerns mentioned above…

    Well, in all the above cases, FactsHRMS suite can be the ideal solution for you, With the Facts Employee Accommodation module, you can manage all the accommodation details of the employees for both your own and leased accommodations

    There are so many features available in the Employee Accommodation module to optimize the accommodation facility currently available. With the information on the Location wise, Building wise, Room vacancy details and with the detailed breakup of employees who are on leave, going on leave and rejoining from leave on your fingertips, you know where to accommodate the employees with the limited resources you have. You may even search for employees based on nationality so that all Indians, all Bangladeshis are accommodated together.

    The FactsHRMS Accommodation module can be deployed for a Single company with its multiple divisions, or as a Group Company with different subsidiary companies. It is quite possible that an employee of one company may reside in the accommodation provided by other subsidiary company, but the employees / managers of the parent company should view the details of the employees and accommodation of their employees only. Multiple company implementation and deployment is available.