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Accommodation Management Module

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Manage Labour Camps And Employee Accommodation With The Accommodation Feature of FactsERP

Labor Force Accommodations

Optimum Utilization Of Accommodation Facilities

Get a total grasp in one glance.

Know which accommodations are fully or partly vacant and optimize the usage of employee accommodations.

Accommodation Management

100% Accuracy and Smooth Room & Building Transition

No Errors – No Worries.

Avoid conflict at the actual time of moving in & allocate employees to dedicated buildings and rooms in advance.

Accommodation Management

All-In-One Database & Real-time Data Tracker

Real-time Data, Any Time, Anywhere.

Keep a real-time track of the employees accommodation and their designated city, building and room. 

Labor Camp
Accommodation Management dubai uae

Features of Accommodation Module

If you are not able to find an effective solution to your employee accommodation concerns, the FactsHRMS Employee Accommodation Module will address all your concerns.

The FactsHRMS suite can be the ideal solution for your business. With the Facts Employee Accommodation module, you can manage all the accommodation details of the employees for both your own and leased accommodations.

There are many features available in the Employee Accommodation module to manage the accommodation facilities available. With the information of the Location-wise, Building-wise and Room-wise vacancy details with the detailed breakup of employees who are on leave, going on leave and rejoining from leave, you know where to accommodate the employees with the limited resources you have. You may even search for employees based on nationality so that for instance, all Indians and all Bangladeshis can be accommodated together based on their nationalities.

The FactsHRMS Accommodation management module can be deployed for a Single company with its multiple divisions, or as a Group Company with different subsidiary companies. It is quite possible that an employee of a company may reside in the accommodation provided by another subsidiary company, but the employees/managers of the parent company would be able to view the details of the employees and accommodations of their employees. 


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