Asset Management Software Module

Asset Management Software Module

Our asset management software records and maintains the assets a company issues to its employees. This customised asset tracking system is reliable and easy to use. You can adopt the system for all kinds of business firms. We offer prompt assistance and guidance to make the software usage easier.

The range of assets of a company include laptops, fax machines, printers and modems.  Scanners, mobile phones, routers, vehicles, uniforms and key cards are also assets. Every item that the company provides the employees are thus assets.

Significance of Asset Management

With FactsERP asset management software system, you can thus maintain the complete asset record. This contains the asset type, number, serial number and the date of issuance. The warranty, AMC details and maintenance information can be tracked. So, these details are vital for every business concern. Thus, they have to be accordingly maintained properly.

Every brand should ideally maintain a systematic asset management software. So, all its assets are managed better. This results in saving time and cost of the company. Hence, the system can keep a track of the expiry and other details of the assets. The assets that need to be replaced can be done on time. This ensures a stable business system.

Some of the key features of our asset management system module are:

  • Asset tracking with details like ‘Asset name’, ‘Code’ and ‘Description’ of the asset
  • Recording of the assets maintained and returned by employees
  • Recording and reporting of the assets issued to specific employees
  • Tracking and management of asset issues
  • Asset transfer from employee to employee
  • Asset return module of employees
  • AMC and warranty status of each asset