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Small Businesses and Startups in UAE to Receive Corporate Tax Relief

The UAE’s Ministry of Finance has recently announced tax relief measures for small and micro businesses, startups, and freelancers under the corporate tax. This move is aimed at providing much-needed support to small businesses and reducing their corporate tax burden and compliance costs. The relief measures will come into effect from June 1, 2023, and […]

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ERP Trends To Watch In 2023 – Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, And More.

The ERP( Enterprise Resource Planning) industry has come a long way since its arrival, evolving from simple account software to sophisticated and intertwined systems that manage the entire enterprise. With advancements in technology, ERP software continues to change and grow, and it’s pivotal for businesses to be apprehensive of the latest trends and developments. In […]

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5 Essential Considerations For Managing Your Company’s Most Valuable Resources

The primary competent factors that affect a business are market trends, customer demand, cash flow, and workforce. The most significant of these is workforce management.  It’s always difficult to manage your personnel data in Excel sheets. When handling crucial information in spreadsheets with government law compliance, such as your employees’ timesheet attendance, payroll, availability, and […]

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