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FactsERP – The Most Used ERP Software in Automotive Industry in UAE

FactsERP is a comprehensive real-time system seamlessly integrated with proprietary data collection systems with a very low total cost of ownership(TCO) and high return on investment(ROI) compared to other global solutions.

What Made Us Special

We are one of a kind software provider with the ability to integrate almost every type of module into our system, you name it we will implement it. FactsERP offers a complete ERP solution to the automotive industry in UAE. We are an end-to-end system from sales to finance, from order processing to inventory management, and from production to delivery.

We've Got You Covered

No matter the size of your company we have the perfect solution for you. From advanced inventory tracking with our integrated barcode scanning system and real-time reporting on stock levels to quick and easy order processing with our online portal; we ensure every aspect of your business is streamlined.

Processes that work for you

FactsERP is designed based on customer feedback in Dubai so processes have been created that reduce manual errors, increase accuracy whilst reducing human errors in order processing and provide flexible reporting tools for any business need.

Achieve 100% compliance

We offer best-in-class features like a single point of data entry for all your vehicle’s specifications and configurations, driver, and vehicle management for compliance with UAE’s strict Hire Purchase laws.

Key Features

Our barcoding system is designed to reduce error rates and help you with inventory management, product tracking, and order processing.
You’ll never have to worry about your customers or suppliers again – we’ll take care of them all!
Get instant access to the reliable part numbers for any engineering products across the country, with our cross-reference tool.

Never lose an opportunity again – we keep a track of all your loss-of-sales so that you can go back and analyze them for insights.

We’re equipped with best-of-class systems that allow us to process orders faster, more efficiently, and provide more accurate data than any other ERP company out there!