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In today’s date, many startups, various businesses and SMEs struggle to save costs due to owning software development. They get too involved in software development that they fail to focus on business development.

Another major factor is, when the company decides to sell the system, it may suffer from lack of portability as the system may be too tightly coupled to the identity of the company

We at FACTS develop solutions/IT systems/software using agile methodologies, which concentrates on speed to market. To help the customer, FACTS takes a pragmatic approach towards each customer by gathering grass-root level requirement and then designs the solution based on the infrastructure and implements with agreed requirements.

FACTS has a strong product management team which works continuously on the customer needs and market analysis which will help the customers to come up with new product solutions, investments which will help in turn help their business growth upon successful implementation.


FACTS also provides after-implementation support to ensure business continuity and also provide feedback loop to the customers towards successful business.

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