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1759: Empowering Operational Excellence for a leading perfume distributor company in Dubai

In the vibrant landscape of Dubai’s perfume industry, our client, a leading perfume distributor, and exporter, found themselves grappling with operational complexities that hindered their growth and efficiency. Seeking a holistic solution, they turned to FACTS Computer Software House LLC, a renowned ERP software company in Dubai, known for its cutting-edge product, FactsERP. Challenges The […]

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1758: Streamlining Operations for a Leading packaging company in the UAE

In the dynamic business landscape of Dubai, UAE, efficient operational management is crucial for sustained growth. Our client, a leading packaging company, faced formidable challenges in managing their diverse operations spread across multiple locations in the UAE. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, they sought the expertise from us, FACTS Computer Software House LLC […]

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GC MEST: How a Mobile App Transformed Sales Operations for IGC Middle East Group LLC

IGC Middle East Group LLC is a leading health & beauty products manufacturer and distributor based in Dubai. With a growing presence across the Middle East, the company was facing operational challenges that hindered their sales team’s effectiveness. These challenges included: Difficulty in planning work schedules Inefficient check-in and check-out procedures Lack of a centralized […]

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1752: ERP Software Implementation for UAE’s Leading Medical Equipment Trading Company

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving medical equipment industry, accurate diagnosis and cutting-edge technologies are crucial for staying ahead. Our client, one of the leading medical equipment companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was at the forefront of developing new technologies for accurate diagnosis. However, they were facing numerous operational challenges that hindered their growth […]

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1747: ERP Implementation for Dubai’s Leading Water Seal Insulation Contracting Company

Our client is a prominent water seal insulation contracting company based in Dubai, UAE. With multiple branches spread across different locations, they provide specialized solutions for water sealing and insulation projects. The company faced several operational challenges, including difficulties in creating DSPR (Daily Sales and Purchase Report), defining category-wise rates, generating SIF (Single Interface File) […]

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1732: Implementing FactsERP for a Global Vehicle Trading Company

In a dynamic and highly competitive automotive industry, our client, a globally recognized vehicle trading company, aspired to maintain its position as the customer’s top choice. Despite their customer-centric approach and value-added services, the company faced a multitude of challenges that hindered their operational efficiency and hindered growth. These challenges encompassed various aspects of their […]

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1730: UAE’s Biggest Steel Fabrication Company Started Using FactsHCM

This case study outlines a successful HR software project implemented for a multinational company specializing in delivering turnkey engineering solutions to the oil and gas, petrochemical, renewable energy, power generation, marine, and mining industries. With a core focus on steel fabrication, including high-pressure piping processes, the company operates in the UAE and serves clients globally. […]

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1724: How a Leading Cosmetics and Perfumes Supplier in the UAE Achieved Success with FactsERP

This case study highlights the successful implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution for a leading cosmetics and perfume professional manufacturer and trader based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The client faced various operational and financial challenges that required an integrated software solution to streamline their processes and improve overall efficiency. The […]

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1723: Leading Equipments Repairing Company In Dubai Adopted FactsERP

In this case study, we explore how our company successfully implemented an ERP software solution for industry-leading equipment repairing company based in Dubai, operating across multiple divisions in UAE, Kuwait, and Oman. The client faced significant challenges in managing various aspects of their operations, including service call logs, work order logs, equipment rental cycles, service […]

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