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This customer has the expertise to produce state of the art Water Purification Systems and custom made Electrical Systems and Switchboards with the design, development, productions and quality control resources they have. This pressurizes the customer to implement an ERP, which also control and monitor the manufacturing processes. FactsBMS is implemented to manage and control their manufacturing/production management software solution.


FactsBMS is developed using Microsoft Visual Basic with Microsoft SQL Server as the Back-End database Engine. The major module involved is the production planning to optimize their resources and to analyze the consumption of raw materials and consumables to complete the manufacturing processes. Production planning is done in advance to calculate quantity of raw materials and consumables required for next production cycle. Various other business analytics reports such as periodic production results could be achieved based on the daily production details being entered. FactsBMS has comprehensive solution to manage batch wise production also.


FactsBMS also streamline the purchase and sales activities involved. As per the production planning reports purchase orders are raised to various suppliers to procure raw materials as well as consumables. Goods Receipt Note module is used to bring in the required items to carry out production. Material Issue Vouchers are used to track the items, which used to complete the production. Production Orders are raised to have a track on batch wise manufacturing.


Purchase Invoices and Sales Invoices effects the stock as well as accounting entries in the system. Overall Cost of Production ascertained based on the cost of raw materials and consumables used, labor costs involved and by calculating other overhead expenses. As a whole this makes the perfect ERP solution for the customer.