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This customer is of the leading company specialized in repair for caterpillars earth moving machines. They are mainly focused on logistical-distribution factors, thereby achieving rational re-organization and efficient technical-manufacturing localization. To manage the Human Resource Capital which runs into thousands, they were looking out for a stable HR and Payroll management solution. After rigorous evaluation FactsSHARP was found appropriate to match their requirement. FactsSHARP – payroll and H.R Management Software is developed using the latest Microsoft.NET framework, with Microsoft SQL Server as the Back-End database Engine. Some of the key modules developed in FactsSHARP includes Human Resource Management (HRM), Documents Expiry Tracking (DET), and Leaves Management (LM), Allowances / Deduction and Loan Management (LM). Human Resource Management (HRM) maintains all the employees detailed records and also keep track of their individual performances. Document Expiry Tracking (DET) is designed for alerting the employees about his/her visa or passport expiry date. Leave Management (LM) displays the split vacation entry and over stay days are deducted from the next vacation of the employee. FactsSHARP provides full graded solution to keep track on employees who are working in Production Centers (PC) and Distribution Centers (DC). Along with the basic modules FactsSHARP provides ample features like payroll calculation, SIF file routing and employee self-services.