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Our ERP for construction industry was implemented for this prestigious client in the UAE. This client is a leader in catering industrial segments across Middle East, such as HVAC, MEP, and Civil Construction, commercial, residential and industrial projects whose products are fully customizable in terms of lamination, coating and conversion according to the customer’s needs. They are one of the well-know distribution companies in the MENA Region. They successfully emerged and expanded their trading activities in Gulf countries and some part of Asia continent. To streamline their product distribution activities they’ve identified FactsBMS as the apt solution for their Resource Management.

FactsBMS software is developed using Microsoft Visual Basic with Microsoft SQL Server as the Back-End database Engine. Core modules developed in FactsBMS includes and Sales Enquiry, Sales Quotation, Sales Order, Sales Invoice and Sales Enquiry. Sales Enquiry is received from the customer and enquiry can also be done through email or fax .The Sales Quotation module is generally a document where sales quotation is prepared. Converting the sales quotation basically creates sales Order. Sales Invoice generally displays reduced stock prices and updated accounts.

FactsBMS proves to be a customizable ERP by providing a foolproof accounting integration to handle all the account receivables as well as payments. To accomplish this, many vouchers such as Journal Vouchers, Receipt Vouchers and Payment Vouchers are used. The supplier on the basis of confirmation prepares order confirmation from the client.