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Specialized in Scrap Gold Funding, and mine Assaying, Refining and Recovery of Precious Metals are the areas in which the client has the comprehensive solutions. Since the Product Market value is high, a necessity for reliable Human Resource Management solution was inevitable. After proper introspection, FactsSHARP was chosen to be a proper solution to serve the desired purpose.

FactsSHARP is the flagship software solution developed by Facts Computer Software House, Dubai. The tools used to develop FactsSHARP are .Net framework with SQL server to run as database backend engine. In FactsSHARP solution, Human Resource Management (HRM) module helps the client to maintain integrity on permanent as well as contract based employee details. It also helps the customer to establish an accurate information repository that is easily accessible through Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and Payroll modules. Document expiry tracking is designed for alerting the employees about his/her visa or passport expiry date. Leave Management (LM) displays the split vacation entry and over stay days are deducted from the next vacation of the employee. Connecting payroll information to financial accounting is an additional module developed in FactsSHARP.

Apart from the HR and Payroll modules, FactsSHARP also keeps track of the import shipment of products/commodities, type of shipment, and finally client daily transaction list. Risk assessment is also taken into consideration during goods procurement and inventory management.