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Our HR and Payroll software was implemented for this leading company in UAE. This client mainly focuses on power, water, oil / gas industry and transport in providing innovative, local solution and having it’s headquarters in the UAE and has offices all over the GCC region. This Human Resource company is packed with highly experienced and technically trained staffs, as well as well equipped necessary local facilities to deal with all aspects of projects including Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC). They were rigorously searching for a HR and Payroll Management Solution to maintain and monitor their day-to-day activities and FactsSHARP was introduced in order to acquire the necessary requirements for the client.

FactsSHARP provides a leading and innovative technology solutions and services for the different industry segments. All the employees’ information are well maintained in FactsSHARP solution on a real time basis. The attendance posting option is mostly done on a monthly basis after all the necessary checks for total overtime hours and number of employees absent and these activities are done in payroll processing. This module consists of two reports: – availed leave register and overtime report. Avail leave register displays the number of employees who have taken leaves. Overtime reports displays the number of employees who have worked overtime.