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This company specializes in polystyrene foam products and is one of the leading Building Material Manufacturing and Distributing Company in UAE. In order to monitor their operational issues they were in search of a Business Management Software for which FactsBMS immensely helped their organization to achieve this goal.

The core modules implemented in FactsBMS include Sales Quotation (SQ), Sales Order Registration, Fabrication Order, Store Issue Voucher and Material Receipt Order. Sales Quotation is generally prepared based on the sales enquiry issued. Sales Order Registration is posted in FactsBMS after the arrival of purchase order from the customer. Fabrication Order is prepared with reference to sales order and it is also used for creating new jobs. Store Issue Voucher is prepared by the concerned department in pre-printed forms and is given to stores department as material requisition. Material Receipt Order is prepared on the basis of completion of manufacturing process.

This ERP tool deals with the Overseas as well as Local Purchase Order (PO), Goods Receipt Note and Purchase Invoice that comes under the Procurement modules. Goods Receipt Note is prepared with reference to purchase order after the arrival of materials at the store. Goods delivery document is prepared for the customer from the trade stock. Store issue return displays the list of materials that are returned back to stores.