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A modern factory set up, for the manufacturing of superior quality personal care products, household cleaning solutions, detergents and other chemical solutions that include automotive maintenance products. In order to ensure that the quality system is maintained on a daily basis, they were in search of a reliable and efficient Resource Management Solution. FactsBMS proves to be the right fit for the clients’ requirements.

FactsBMS was developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6 for its User Interface with SQL Server to run backend database engine. All the production planning like Sales Enquiry (SE), Purchase Enquiry (PE), Sales Quotation (SQ), Purchase Quotation (PQ) are pre-sale transactions.

Apart from the pre-execution process the software also performs integration of stores and procurement and delivery processes. Material requisition are prepared on the basis of bill of quantity, Stores and procurement process includes bill of quantity where the master list of all items with total quantity required for delivering the project, purchase requisition are designed for purchase department for the procurement of budgeted items not available in stock, the inviting quotations from the suppliers, purchase order and request for inspection.