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This company aims in providing their clients quality products and services at competitive prices, and also assures them in continuous support through guarantee in quality, price and services. This is one of the leading Agriculture, Building Materials and Seafood Products trading company in the UAE region. In order to show consistent growth and continuous success, they decided to implement FactsBMS for Monitoring and managing their resources.

FactsBMS solution helps this customer to establish unwavering commitment to their client. FactsBMS is developed using Microsoft Visual Basic with Microsoft SQL Server as the Back-End database Engine. The main modules involved in procurement process includes, Purchase Order, Goods Receipt Note and Purchase Invoice. Order Processing starts with the sales enquiries registered from a prospective customer. On the basis of shipment note given by supplier, accounts department prepares sales invoice.

FactsBMS solution keeps a track on expenses like Shipment Statement of Sales proceeds, Normal Weight Loss, Container Transport Charges, Gift and Voucher Expense, Pallet and Crates Expense, Pest Control and Motor Maintenance and Repair.