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This client is a well-known steel product trading company in the UAE. The ERP solution software provides basic modules, which includes interim job cost report and project status report. Interim job cost report basically shows project-specific consumable group and does not display any additional data entry form. Project status report generally displays various data entry forms such as budget entry, budget variations entry and cost completion.

General modules include job master creation and budget entry. In job master creation module, all other data entry fields take a print of the job opening memo, which are later distributed to connected department heads through e-mail. The budget entry module generally keeps track of variations and base budget, and shows the transaction entry form for each job on the basis of cost centers and summary of all budgets.

This solution consists of various other modules such as cost completion data entry and job master listing report. Cost completion data entry is nothing but printouts of documents, which are given by project managers to be filled, and it also displays project status report of each job. Job master listing report is generated to display various other options such as from job to job, from date to date, active jobs or closed jobs, client wise and project manager-wise.