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This client is one of well recognized general trading company in the UAE. They were in the search of a strong and robust Trading Software Solution. FactsBMS software provides a necessary solution to match their basic requirements.

FactsBMS is developed using Microsoft Visual Basic framework with Sql Server to run backend database engine. Some of the core modules developed in FactsBMS software solution include are Sales Enquiry (SE), Sales Quotation (PQ), Purchase Orders (PO), Goods Receipt Notes (GRN), Purchase Invoices (PI), Sales Orders (SO) and Sales Invoices (SI). Sales Quotation (SQ) is prepared on the basis of Sales Enquiry. Sales Order (SO) is placed on the confirmation of client. Delivery Order (DO) documents is prepared by sales department. Sales Invoice (SI) displays deducted stocks and updated in accounts.

FactsBMS has endeavored to attain impeccable quality and all round excellence in their business operations. It also emphasis on stringent quality control systems at every step right from cultivation. Procurement of raw materials has a great attention to every stage of production process.