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Our ERP for trading and distribution industry has been implemented for a leading company in the UAE. This client is a reputed Petrochemicals product distributing Company based in UAE. Their Trading and Distribution activities covers all over MENA region. They required a robust solution to manage and execute their resource distributions and deployed FactsBMS.

The distribution activity cycle follows the procurement from suppliers, to the Inventory Management and lastly, sales process with customers. They also work as intending agents for various suppliers.

An Order Processing starts with the Sales Enquiries, which is registered from a prospective Customer. A Sales Quotation would be issued and a Sales Order would be generated, upon confirmation in the form of LPO. In case, sufficient stock is not available then a Purchase Order will be given to the supplier after performing vendor analysis as per supplier quotations received. Goods Receipt Notes are prepared when the items received against the POs are raised.

Instructions on shipping are provided by the logistics department, to the suppliers and in turn they send the Purchase Invoice, Commercial Invoice and Packing List.

FactsBMS provides a reliable accounting integration mechanism to handle all the account receivables and the payments. To accomplish this, many vouchers such as Journal Vouchers, Receipt Vouchers and Payment Vouchers are used. This supports multi-currency transactions and multi payment options as well. All the standard financial reports are available as per the rules set forth by the globally accepted accounting practices.