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This client deals with various kinds of Automotive Spare Parts. They have emerged and grown into a group of companies involving Import, Stocking, Re-export and local sales of diversified product ranges spread all over Africa, Asia and GCC regions. Their employees’ workforce is over a hundred, consisting of automobile engineers, qualified managers, sales professionals and skilled workers.

Their challenge is to have a portfolio of products and services that is rooted in excellence of quality and an unflinching approach. In-order to meet their expectation and requirements they were in pursuit of Trading Management Software Solution and chose FactsBMS to provide the right solution to their requirements.

FactsBMS is developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 with MS SQL Server as backend database engine. It provides a comprehensive solution to manage and control purchases and sales transaction. Customer sales enquiry is being taken into consideration and based on that, the sales quotation are prepared. Sales Order then created by converting that Sales Quotation by feeding into the customer LPO number. Goods Receipt Note is prepared on the basis of accepted quantity with reference to purchase order. Job costing module is another added feature in FactsBMS solution.

FactsBMS solution is perfectly integrated with human chain, minimizing errors and ensuring a smooth workflow. All the components are tested for quality at different stages of production to ensure that their customer gets the highest quality.