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1690: Leading Shoes Trading And Distribution Company In The MENA Region Transformed Its Operations With FactsERP

The leading shoe trading and distribution company in the MENA region, dealing with its own brand was facing challenges because of the need for an ERP system for managing their operations. The company had been growing rapidly, and its existing systems were no longer able to keep up with the demand.


The shoe trading and distribution company was facing multiple challenges:

Purchase Process

The client faced difficulties in managing import purchases, local purchases, branch purchases, and the entire sales cycle. The absence of a streamlined process led to inventory discrepancies, delayed shipments, and inefficient procurement practices which was impacting their ability to meet customer demands.

Sales Process

Inadequate sales processes, including order management, invoicing, and customer relationship management, hindered sales growth and customer satisfaction.

Stock Management

The lack of an effective stock transfer voucher system and damage entry process resulted in inaccurate inventory records, leading to inventory wastage, loss, and increased costs.

Finance Operations

The client encountered challenges with crucial financial operations such as PDC (Post Dated Cheque) maturity posting, financial allocation, bank reconciliation, prepaid expense entry, and financial reporting.

HR and Payroll Process

The absence of an integrated HR and payroll system made it challenging to manage employee records, attendance, leaves, payroll calculations, and related HR processes efficiently.


To address the client’s challenges, we designed and implemented a comprehensive ERP solution that focused on key areas such as purchase operations, sales cycle management, finance process, and additional tools to enhance functionality. The solution included the following modules and features:

Purchase Module

1. Import Purchase: We introduced a robust import purchase module that encompassed essential functions such as purchase requisition, import purchase order, advanced shipment note, import purchase invoice, and purchase return/claim. This streamlined the import procurement process and ensured accurate documentation and tracking.

2. Local Purchase: For local purchases, we designed a dedicated local purchase module that provided features such as local purchase orders and local purchase invoices. This facilitated efficient management of local procurement activities.

Sales Module

To enhance the sales cycle, we developed a comprehensive sales module incorporating functions such as sales orders, sales invoices, and sales returns. This allowed for efficient order management, invoicing, and handling of sales returns.

Branch Purchase Module 

We implemented a branch purchase module that enabled seamless purchasing between different branches, ensuring centralized control and visibility over inter-branch transactions.

Finance Module

  • Bank Receipt Voucher: We provided a bank receipt voucher feature that simplified the process of recording and tracking incoming payments from customers.
  • Cash Receipt Voucher: Our ERP solution included a cash receipt voucher module, enabling easy recording and tracking of cash received from various sources.
  • Bank Payment Voucher: We implemented a bank payment voucher module, streamlining the process of recording and tracking outgoing payments made by the company.
  • Cash Payment Voucher: For cash payments, we developed a cash payment voucher feature that facilitated efficient recording and tracking of cash expenses.
  • Contra Voucher: We introduced a contra voucher module, enabling simplified recording and reconciliation of transactions between different bank accounts or financial entities.
  • Credit Note and Debit Note: Our ERP system included modules for credit note and debit note generation, providing the client with a standardized and efficient way to handle adjustments and corrections to invoices.
  • Journal Voucher: We developed a journal voucher feature that allowed the client to record various financial transactions, ensuring accurate bookkeeping and financial reporting.

Damage Entry Module

To address inventory damage issues, we implemented a dedicated module for damage entry. This facilitated the recording, tracking, and management of damaged inventory items.

Stock Transfer Voucher

We introduced a streamlined stock transfer voucher system, enabling the client to easily track and manage inventory transfers between different locations, branches, or warehouses.

Additional tools section includes:

  1. PDC Maturity Posting: We included a PDC maturity posting tool that automated the process of tracking and managing post-dated checks, ensuring timely updates and accurate accounting.
  2. Financial Allocation: We implemented a financial allocation feature that facilitated the distribution of funds or expenses across different accounts or departments, streamlining financial management processes.
  3. Bank Reconciliation: To simplify the bank reconciliation process, we provided a bank reconciliation tool that matched and reconciled transactions recorded in the ERP system with the bank statements, reducing manual effort and ensuring accuracy.
  4. Prepaid Expense Entry: Our ERP system included a prepaid expense entry module, enabling the client to easily record and track prepaid expenses, ensuring proper accounting and expense management.

HR and Payroll Module

We integrated an efficient HR and payroll module, simplifying employee record management, attendance tracking, leave management, payroll calculations, and other HR processes.


Through the implementation of FactsERP and the responsive web design (RWD) version for their enterprise portal, the leading shoe trading and distribution company in the MENA region experienced a significant transformation in their operations. The streamlined purchase operations, sales cycle management, finance operations, and HR and payroll processes resulted in increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced financial control. Our partnership empowered the company to overcome their operational challenges, fostering growth and positioning them for continued success in the competitive market.