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This client is a leading retailer and has their main branches in the UK and India. In order to run their regular trading business activities, they were in pursuit of an integrated software application. To serve this purpose, FactseBiz was deployed. FactseBiz is a virtual web e-commerce application, which combines the most commonly used eBusiness functions and modules into one affordable integrated software application.

FactseBiz is the flagship software solution developed by Facts Computer Software House, Dubai. It consists of basic features such as Sales Order and Purchase Order. Sales order is placed on the confirmation of client. Purchase order is directly sent to the supplier. Before sending the Order, the supplier is examined in terms of Price, Delivery Terms, Payment Terms, Quality and After Sales Service. Goods Receipt Note generally displays the number of goods sent by the supplier, which is cleared from the port. It is generally prepared by the stores department based on purchase order and received quantity.

There are various other modules such as Purchase Invoice, Packing list and export invoice. Purchase invoice basically performs piece details barcode printing. Packing list generally displays carton details. Export invoice are basically used in different print formats