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This client is one of the leading textiles trading company in the UAE. In order to ensure that their product quality system is maintained and reviewed on regular basis, they were entailed to implement a reliable software solution. FactsBMS solution is customized in order to meet their requirements and provide them an infallible solution. FactsBMS was developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6 as the user interface with SQL Server to run as backend database engine.

FactsBMS provides a comprehensive solution to manage and control purchases and sales transactions. Stock purchases life cycle include Purchase Order, Goods Receipt Note, Purchase Invoice and Purchase Return. Two unique modules, Stock Transfer Memo and Stock Request help to maintain the cost rate. The cost rate for the product is obtained from item master. In the mailbox, Delivery page shows pending items, which are returned after Sales Invoice is prepared and generated. Multiple Delivery Orders are basically converted by Sales Invoice module, depending on the location mentioned.

FactsBMS also has provisions for staff final settlement with ticket calculation and leave salary calculation based on the previous trip. Bin location gets updated automatically when STR/STM is made.