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With a competitive edge in geographic location, this client, using their strong Marketing Strategy and Worldwide Trading services, they have gained the authorization to promote and distribute their products in the global market and they are one of the leading manufacturer of Plastic-Tanks that is being used for radiators in the Automotive Industry. FactsBMS, a business management software for trading companies, is deployed to handle their Trading and Manufacturing Process providing an end-to-end ERP solution.

This FactsBMS solution runs on Microsoft Visual Basic platform as the Front-End and Microsoft SQL Server as the Back-End database Engine. FactsBMS provides sophisticated solutions to manage the Purchases and Sales Transactions. It maintains the Purchase Orders (PO), Goods Receipt Notes (GRN) and Purchase Invoices (PI), which completes the Purchase module. During Import/Export activities, the Shipping/Custom documents are generated and maintained by FactsERP. As soon as the customer receives the Goods, a Purchase Invoice is prepared by Accounts Department.

Standard preventive maintenance are generally created with reference to parameters from fixed asset master. In the Job Card Service module, Work Order is created by the engineer on the basis of call log or preventive maintenance.