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This Client is established Equipment Manufacturing Company in the UAE. They follow a standard pattern in their process flow. Sales Enquiry is generally received from the customer or it can also be done through Email/Fax. On receiving the SE, Sales Quotation document is prepared for Trading, after which Sales Order is placed after receiving a confirmation from the client. A Sales Invoice is prepared at the showroom, where internal stock transfer takes place, and based on that, Sales Return is generated.

Automatic Internal Production entries are created with a 70% value of quoted price from the Sales Quotation. Delivery Order barcode-scanning feature included in FactsBMS is used to print the barcode in every Sales Invoice printouts. This normally helps the storekeeper in verifying the stock using barcode/stock code, before the Delivery Order is generated. Delivery Order is prepared, with an option to be printed.

This ERP solution also includes modules involving the Purchase process cycle, such as Purchase Order, Goods Receive Note and Purchase Invoice.