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This Client provides a wide range of services, from Fuel Injection Pumps, Governor Repairs to Marine Diesel Engine Repairs and Overhauling. They are an excellent provider of multi-disciplinary services, with offices and workshop strategically located in the UAE. In order to manage their services appropriately and effectively, FactsBMS, a Business Integrated Management Software solution is deployed for their workflow.

FactsBMS solution has been built based on Microsoft Visual Basic as the front-end and Microsoft SQL Server as backend database engine. The FactsBMS Order Processing system includes proper Purchase and Sales Cycles. Stock Purchases Cycle includes Purchase Order (PO), Goods Receipt Note (GRN), Purchase Invoice (PI) and finally Purchase Return (PR). Goods Receipt Note is prepared on the basis of delivery of materials from the supplier at warehouse this needs the confirmation from the head office. FactsBMS provides excellent features to handle Export/Import activities including the Import or Customs Duty calculations. FactsBMS also consists of the service management module, which helps to plan and execute service schedules.